The next six week program starts soon

  • No experience? No problem! Our step-by-step guidance is crafted specifically for those just starting their journey
  • Merge cardio, strength training, and stress relief into one powerful workout, helping you tone, strengthen, and rejuvenate.
  • From our expert instructors to our welcoming peers, you'll join a community that motivates and celebrates every punch, kick, and milestone you achieve!

Don't let time run out!

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FREE Goodies

you get for being a part of this special program?

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SO Excited, Does not matter, lets get started

Will I need any gear when I start  hitting the bags and cracking the pads?

ABsolutely!  Completing the program in a safe and injury free manner is a priority 

SO we are going to provide gloves and wraps for you to keep Free of charge! 



You Didnt think that was all did you?


There is an Old saying: "You can't outwork your diet"

We provide you with Macrostax because exercise alone isn't sufficient for optimal health and performance. Pairing your workouts with the right nutrition ensures you achieve the best results both inside and out.

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SO now I have, my Six week course book, Designated times to learn,  meal plans, diet tracking, and a gym to use 24/7. I am all set, Right?

Nope, truth is, everyone needs a coach. In fact the best athletes in the world have a team of coaches around them! So we are going to provide you with an accountability coach!

Your Accountability coach will be there with you 100%  of the way. They will be making sure you are attending sessions, offering you help  with parts you may struggle with, do weekly body composition checks, and help guide you to the finish line.

Think of it more like cheerleader, not a drill sergeant!

So lets recap.....
You will get:

  • Accountability Coach
  • guidebook
  • videos
  • meal tracking app
  • meal planning
  • Gloves and wraps
  • composition scans
  • certificate of completion


Meet angel.  

Angel is not a professional fighter, she was a client who came looking to to work with one of our coaches. This is actually her with one of our coaches after a few sessions! You can do this too!

We are excited you decided to check us out!! A staff member will be reaching out soon to get you Complimentary, no commitment assessment and welcome interview to see if we are a good fit.  Talk Soon!